Quick and painful
like the way you went from
holding my hand to
holding my throat
like the instant joy and
sadness you could make me
turning me on
and off like a light switch
like the hole
your absence punched into
my heart
when I only wanted
your presence
and all that I had ever felt
came bursting through the flood gates

Short and sweet
like the way your lips wrote
love poems on my
neck and left me
like the sound of your
tired voice calling
me ‘baby’
like the fire you
lit in my
heart that tried to
keep me warm

Like the way you
said you loved me
that never had
me convinced

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Dead and Walking

DoubleU = W

out and about again

among the dead again

they’re dead and don’t know

no idea in their mind

about what they are:






they’re dead and

walking the aisles

of the Dollar Store

of the grocery store


buy it. it’s on sale.

I’ll put it on my MVP Card.

we’ll need more later.

don’t forget the crackers.

be sure to get dog food.

is that enough meat?

what to have with it?


the dead keep walking,

shopping, buying, talking

they’re dead and don’t know it

apparently, so am I


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Done to Death

DoubleU = W

come and sit with me

talk awhile and share –

while the lonely have

themselves locked in,

followers chase their

beloved bounty,

despots rule masses

with iron fists,

the sad and desperate

only find sadness –

it’s the world outside

but here we can talk

we can share

let them do and be done

let them rise and fall

let them see and be seen

let them earn and spend

doing all in the name of happiness

as if they know what it is

they do and are done

done working

done loving

done listening

done giving

done caring

done living

they’ve run their race

been put out to pasture

and are now ready to

be put down – done


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